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Funeral Arranging for the Embalmer in the Age of Cremation | Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Cremation Strategies & Consulting and the Canadian School of Advanced PREP Have Joined Forces to Bring you this Must-Attend Event!

With cremation at nearly 90% in some markets in Canada and embalming decreasing, things need to change. This seminar will take a look at the funeral profession through the eyes of an Embalmer and a Cremation Expert. The idea that cremation families do not want to embalm or spend money is a complete misconception. "Traditional" funeral service, embalming and cremation can go hand in hand and it is our job as funeral professionals to know how to grow and change to meet the ever changing needs of our families.  

Join Karl Wenzel and Larry Stuart Jr for 2 days of intense, interactive, informative and indispensable sessions. Download the full agenda HERE .


Connelly - McKinley Funeral Home
10011 - 114 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5K 1R5