Cremation is Traditional


Are you interested in starting a cremation business? Have you owned and operated cremation equipment for years? Either way...Partner with us!

Partnering with Cremation Strategies & Consulting will improve your business by providing expert leadership, planning, organization, training, education, process improvement and strategic planning.

Regardless of whether you need a simple emissions form filled out for an environmental agency or a years long project beginning with a market survey and ending with the commissioning of a new crematory business there is no better partner than Cremation Strategies and Consulting.

We help you -

  • Capitalize on the ever growing cremation market with less risk and exposure and realize more profit and client satisfaction.
  • Navigate the complex and often insurmountable zoning and permitting hurdles.
  • Develop the perfect business plan custom tailored to your specifics and your unique market demand.
  • Design and implement a strategic plan for success.
  • Train your staff (from the top to the bottom) to perform as a winning team and blow away your competition.
  • Better protect your safety, the safety of your employees and facility; the environment; your business; your families. 

We handle the details  -

  • Designing the perfect crematory space in your facility for maximum operational efficiency.
  • Selecting the right equipment for your cremation business.
  • Hiring the right staff to operate the equipment AND to treat those in your care with all the reverence and dignity they are afforded throughout the process.
  • Developing the right policies and processes for your cremation business to reduce risk and liability.
  • Applying and Reporting to the Environmental Regulatory agencies.
  • Navigating the intricacies of the installation of the equipment and the 1,000's of details involved in getting it done right the first time.
  • Developing and implementing the best business forms, documentation and record-keeping policies.  
  • On-site staff training above and beyond the equipment specific training provided by your equipment manufacturer.

We are experts in- 

  • Policies, Procedures and Processes Development / Implementation.
  • On-site staff training and team building both in operations and in administration.
  • Environmental Compliance.
  • Cremation Operations Best Practices.
  • Reducing Equipment Operating Costs.
  • Strategic Planning Development and Implementation.
  • Developing Custom Strategies for growth.